The Chronicles of Bristolian Tao (The SynChronicles Part 1)

The Chronicles of Bristolian Tao, parts 1 – 3…

   Sat, December 3, 2011 – 8:14 PM

Tao – Taoism – Taoist

In the words of Biggie Smalls, “I got a story to tell…”

I’ve just had a very weird Tao synchro, I met these 3 dudes who were all part of the occupy Bristol movement. None of us knew each other very well but we met in Cafe Kino I’d met one before a few times but never properly connected and the other two I’d never seen before. Anyway, we all somehow start talking about the Tao. 4 guys from different walks of life, the only connection was Occupy Bristol and I’ve not even been staying there, but we link and we all have interest in the Tao. Some more in the I-Ching, some more on the Tao Teh Ching. I have the kind of conversation I want to have more often, the kind that makes life feel magic and inspiring, a life worth living. A nice coincidence? That’s just the first part.

One guy, a guy called Sam, is reading “The Chronicles of Tao”, a book about a ‘crazy’ Taoist sage who lived a crazy life. Someone who walks the path of The Fool and The Magician, ya know the archetype. I’d never heard of the guy but was VERY intrigued, “sounds like my kinda dude”. I don’t swap numbers, I don’t go to the Occupy Camp that day, I don’t know how or when or if I’ll see them again. Sam turns up at my open jam night. A guy who wasn’t with the original crew called Caspar also turns up and sings some uber fresh uber cosmic renditions of sacred chants, bhajans, with a bit of a Hip-Hop flavour. Dope. At the end of the night Sam lends me the book, he’d just finished it. After Sam leaves Caspar tells me the same book is next to his bed. 2 nice coincidences? End of part 2.

I get this message from Caspar today after I made my status a quote from the book, “Yeah! started reading it last night after talking to you about it then was on the train to stroud at the same time as Sam, and I had it in my bag as he said “have you heard of this great book…”” 3 nice coincidences. We are in the synchro-flow.

I’m teling you, this is not a normal week, not even for me 😉 I saw a shooting star while spitting a freestle for what’s left of the Holy Thorn tree in Glastonbury, a star disappeared from sight for a friend while he was star gazing after watching Nazim Harremein’s mind blowing DvD and another friend had a healing that gave him past-life visions (subjective, I know.) I wonder if we walked the mountains of China together before we chose to incarnate in the western world just to test our skills and spread ancient wisdom. Or is that just my ego talking? Either way, it’s just a story.

The Tao Teh Ching was the first ‘spiritual’ text that I resonated with, at about 12 years old. But since then I have had loads of Sufi synchronicities and loads and loads of Tibetan synchronicities but very few people have come into my life with an interest in the Tao. This is why it excites me so much. But the destination of this story is even more elusive because the Tao itself is so elusive! The first lines of the Tao Teh Ching are often translated as “the Tao that can be spoken of is not the true Tao.” Classic, the universe seems to be a fractal paradox… but that barely makes sense!

‎”There is a blue star on his forehead. This marks him as someone special…His spirit did not need to return to this dusty world,” said the Grandmaster after many minutes. “He came willingly, But those who volunteer to return are given a task. If he is to fulfill his mission, he will need long training…” from Chronicles of Tao, The Secret Life of a Taoist Master by Deng Ming-Dao

I particularly like the line “this dusty world”. I can imagine a rudeboy sayig it, “what da rarse am I doin on dis dusty world blud? Low it, dis planet’s on a long ting.”

Peace be the path…


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