What can we do to spread peace? #JewsAndArabsRefuseToBeEnemies

What can we do to spread peace? #JewsAndArabsRefuseToBeEnemies

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I cannot express the multitude of paradoxical, contradictory thoughts concerning Israel and Palestine. I am at once annoyed and delighted that human rights have once again become trendy. But I think it starts and ends with personal responsibility.

Paradoxical, contradictory thoughts concerning Israel and Palestine. From personal issues like the fact that I was rapping about Gaza for ten years before the photos of dead babies made people pay attention, feeling at once happy people care and at once annoyed they didn’t car before or don’t care or know about our governments funding and arming ISrael (and various terrorist organisations), the fact that Gaza was more or less an open air prison before it was an open air prison getting bombed. I am at once happy people are being forced to either learn the injustice happening, sad that such horror is happening and happy that the media blackout of these things has been to a certain extent circumvented by the internet. But don’t believe everything you read online. So, I shall continue to rap about Freedom http://kpkevthepoet.bandcamp.com/track/more-freedom and I shall continue not to share photos of dead babies. For now, every moment is different. But it starts and ends with me, it starts and ends with each one of us in each moment.

I’m far from alone, many human rights activists have been doing more than talking about Gaza for decades. We all have a capacity for empathy, we have all committed selfish acts,we are all capable of humanitarian acts. Some of us are built for the front line, some of us are built for hugging those who need hugging, some of us are writers, some of us are song-writers. In the Bhagavad Gita the warrior Arjuna had to accept that some of us are soldiers.

Paradoxical, contradictory thoughts concerning Israel and Palestine. From universally human issues like the seemingly constant existence of war in humanity, torn between expecting humanity to grow out of it and accepting reaqlity as it is. Has war been a constant? Was there ever a time we were not killing each other for resources? These are questions, not statements. As a child I came to the conclusion that if we all shared nobody would ever have to die for these things. But some people are greedy. We all have greed and selfish moments, but it’s hard to understand people who are billionaires but need more money enough to hire mercenaries to defend their illegal mines etc. Is this depressing? I live with these thoughts every day while I try to spread positivity. So although this may be depressing, it is merely a valve letting out self expression and I will get back to sharing photos of ginger kids riding unicorn bikes and reminders that electric cars exist shortly. It starts and ends with each one of us.

Paradoxical, contradictory thoughts concerning Israel and Palestine. From personal issues like knowing someone who has seen Palestine’s issues from the front line later tease people who dropped out of society in the hope that their taxes would stop paying for the weapons of these regimes, when I was one of those people who dropped out. Britain is one of the world’s biggest arms dealers, the amount budgeted for the military compared to the amount budgeted to schools and/or hospitals tells us all we need to know, even before Cameron sold the NHS to his mates. I wanted nothing to do with the hypocrisy and dropped out. I am not alone. Most people who I met while I was squatting had personal reasons for wanting nothing to do with mainstream society. But this person who teased the drop outs is eager to join mainstream society. Blame serves little purpose. If I can’t forgive those who ignored Palestine for decades how can I hope Israelis and Palestinians will forgive each other? Personal responsibility, I will try to forgive myself for not doing enough, I will try to forgive others for not doing enough but it starts and ends with me.

It would take a massive portion of society to give up on the system for it to make a difference. So that method is idealistic. But every movement has pioneers. But while I have slid back into society I still have massive respect and understanding for those who just want nothing to do with it. Society and the system have no independent nature, they are just groups of people. But maybe paedophiles in our government and in our most respected news outlet is reason enough to for more people to think about it.

So they were right that dropping out is idealistic. But Gandhi was idealistic. Martin Luther King was idealistic. It feels wrong to tease people for caring too much.

Paradoxical, contradictory thoughts and emotions like horror at what the Israeli government have perpetuated yet empathy for an Israeli population that appears to be culturally progammed from a young age to fear and hate Arabs, in a country with conscription, meaning you join the army at a certain age or go to prison.

Nobody wants to dwell on the darkness, it can lead to depression, I know. But there is a difference between not dwelling on the darkness and being ignorant to it. Face our shadows.

Where are WE unwilling to compromise? Where are WE being selfish? What do we do to address it? Maybe we should simply dwell on what is of benefit, this moment, this fleeting now? What can WE do to spread peace? Be peaceful.

Meanwhile there is a long list of other incidents we might call injustices happening all over the planet and yet perhaps I should dwell on the fact that at least people are being forced to finally give a care. And now there are photos of Palestinians hugging Israelis.

But when we zoom out on reality in general – is death a bad thing? We all talk about it like it is but we don’t actually know. There is a constant wave of things we might describe as negative occurring all the time, it is natural for is to be aware of some aspects at some times more than others. The reality, at least of this dimension, is constant cycle or spiral from death to rebirth, and what we perceive as positive to negative. I believe I have glimpsed more than that dimension, but that moment, those moments that many of us have, is beyond words. The tao that can be described is not the true tao.

I am at once annoyed and delighted that human rights have once again become trendy. But I, personally, do not need to see photos of dead babies to care – I battle with depression about the state of the world without photos of dead babies – thank you.


I hope this is of benefit to more than just myself x



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