You Will Die (So What Matters Now?)

Don’t forget, at the end you die. No matter how much money you make, no matter how many conspiracy theories you uncover, no matter how many people you have sex with, no matter how many pairs of Nike Air Jordans or Prada shoes you have, whether you fight the system or are the system, whether you eat organic or eat fried chicken – the end of the game is the same.
So what actually matters?
(I reserve the right to believe that a diet of sunlight, raw food and spring water will only delay the inevitable and alot of New Age spiritual pursuits have their roots deep within a fear of death. I do not claim to not be afraid, I’m afraid, I just don’t think I should be.)
So what actually matters?

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In reflection – I can only assume that you can’t take money, or shoes, with you, cos we see those still here when people die. We can only guess whether or not love, or karma are carried in some eternal bank of the soul for you to cash in the afterlife or your next lifetime (if the afterlife or reincarnation are options or realities.) However the memories, the lessons, everything you do resonates through the universe for ever. Every word you said is still vibrating, albeit diluted by other vibrations. The smile you received you passed on. The wisdom or information (or data) you retain you can teach to other people. If the only afterlife is the consequence of our actions I wish my actions to be good, I wish to do what feels right. Every moment is different and every day is different so what feels right may change. Maybe what feels right to some people will seem completely immoral and wrong to me. But in light of what I can see to be irrefutable facts – I am motivated by what feels right, not by money nor possessions and I wish my actions to have reverberations which I would deem to be positive.
What I like receiving are love and inspiration and therefore these are the things I try to give.
This is despite the fact that I must accept that positive and negative are subjective opinions and even in my own experience I have done things I wished to have positive outcomes which I later viewed as negative.
This is also complicated by the fact that I also have some selfish intentions as well as selfless intentions and desires which I used to emotionally punish myself for having (I was brought up a Christian so despite the fact that I outright reject much of Christian dogma now there is still a subconscious desire to live up to the Christ example of heroic selflessness). But despite those realisations I wish to do what feels right, indeed I almost HAVE to do what feels right, regardless of whether or not ‘society’ would deem that irresponsible, weird or crazy.
So the things that matter to me are intangible, things that can’t be measured, love, honour, honesty, integrity. Inspiring moments, those conversations where you reach a point of understanding that goes beyond words. Those moments jamming with other people where the music takes you somewhere only music can take you. That moment someone looks in your eyes and you know they fancy you. But these things have no independent nature, they’re just words, labels.
But if someone prefers trainers and money, who am I to tell them their path is worse or wrong? It’s just different. And maybe someone will buy you trainers cos they love you, maybe Michael Jordan’s skill inspired the art in those trainers. Maybe you’ll love your trainers cos you love Michael Jordan. Maybe you make money by inspiring people. Maybe making money inspires other people to do the same.
So what matters to me? Basically love, love and inspiration.

But both Denby Sweeting and Cosmic Waffle basically abbreviated my answe into a sentence each, “the Spirit of Action by which we conduct ourselves” (as said by Denby) and I choose that action and spirit to be “spreading the love” (as said by Mr Waffle).

Right, I’m off to make some money to buy new trainers

(ps Kev’s Nike Air Jordan 3’s were found in his house and nobody claimed em. :-p )

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