Changing (Times n People)

10463830_10152476359671083_2572579483981920417_o (1)

Everything’s changing, rearranging, getting strange n
life changing situations, acknowledging death, and not hedging bets,

No one really believes these official stories anymore
We’ll soon all be ignoring all these stories, but KPs still spits raw.

Everything’s changing, rearranging, getting strange n
life changing situations, half my friends are quitting tobacco,

quitting green, Brazil lost 7 – 1, some go through hell for false Heaven’s fun,
starting n quitting jobs, but KP’s still spits phat though.

More discipline these days, pulling in the slack bro.
Everything changes, that never changes, that’s still a fact yo.

They’re blaming Carnivals for stabbings, I say there’s personal responsibility,
Blame serves little purpose, (you could still blame the crack though.)

And the crack exists as exits from economic situations
The media says buy more stuff, always in your face n

If employment ain’t in the area, but you know your mates n
know you can make some money I wonder what you’d do in their place friend?

What you resist persists, just witness this war on drugs
Remember alcohol prohibition? Now they brawl in pubs.

But now we connect hearts when we lose inhibitions
Sometimes I lose them with short moments, sometimes aided by wine.

Just a few things to try to not obsess over,
There’s times to rave and shock out, n times to stop and get sober.

Times to appreciate the things that really matter.
“Nothing really matters” cos “Everything is everything”

Singer, poet, rapper? We can all be anything.
Spent a decade thinking no one would ever hear me sing.

Now I love to harmonise a melody line with a bassline
Preferably dub, give em some operatic dub to shine.

I love a good dub sound healing when it’s sub bass in my face time,
I’ll get even better at the saxophone and I still love to rhyme.

I still love to find new styles, stare at the moon, share smiles, hug trees,
smash stages, then cuddle puddle with some lovelies who love me.

Brief twitter convo backing up a legend like Chuck D,
while Ebro fails to justify Hot 97s playlist

and fails to son me. Yeah it’s all funny.
But get off social media if outside it’s sunny.

There’s nothing to see in here. My greatest treasures are intangible
So you can’t take nothing from me. When I make pleasure I’m an animal,

drum like the Muppets Animal, I’m a general like Hannibal,
Not Hannibal from the A-Team but the one riding elephants,

Thanking all my elements, embody Nature’s intelligence,
I am the entire universe, but truly Earth’s my residence.

Spirit animal resonance, resonant frequencies,
Acceptance, excellence, share lucid dreams with me.

Share raves, share cuddles, share your dark secrets, with me
Share your fears, we’re all scared but we’re brave if we reveal it, see?

If I make outlandish statements just take them literally.
Power born black hole to big bang, n right back to sucking titty.





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