True Synchro Stories from the Vaults… part 1

Part 1 0 The Crow Spirit (Dreams of Pyramids and Psychic Children…)

Mon, October 25, 2010 – 5:35 PM

KP Kev the Poet loves pink sunsets in the English countryside.
Circling overhead? Crows and swallows…

It looks like the crows don’t know the difference between trees and lampposts.
But look at a crow carefully, he knows, yeah, he knows…

So the quick version of the actual dream- I dreamed I was in a pyramid, it appeared to be some sort of school and I was teaching lots of children with at least two women. I think I know one of the women (a friend in my ‘real’ waking life who is a world class hula-hoopers and she teaches circus skills) the other woman I’m not sure if I had met her in waking life yet, but maybe, dreams are vague. The pyramid came under attack, my vision switched to an outside view and I saw fireballs hitting the side and sliding down. This is the interesting bit – we the adults had to escape on foot and get to a 4 by 4 vehicle… But the kids just teleported out of there! So it appears that in some ways the children were more advanced than the adults so I’m not sure why we were teaching! It gets deeper. We drove away, defying logic considering the giant fireballs flying overhead but dreams tend to defy logic, and no, I’m not sure if the fireballs were from old-school catapults, or from present day war machines or from new-school space-ships, I cannot remember.

We drove across what looked like English countryside (although Canada looks similar) and get to a wooden hut which is guarded by a bear who won’t let us pass. The part of me that is curious about previous incarnations is curious whether there were bears on every continent or if this can be narrowed down. I expect there were bears in every continent. By this point I think our crew included another man, vague recollections of me not being the only male evacuee. So this bear is between us and this hut in the middle of nowhere (nowhere but green hilly countryside that tested a 4 x 4. I tell the other passengers not to worry, I’ll sort it out. I get out the car, turn into a crow, and I explain to the bear that I’m not really human I’m a crow spirit and we have to go now. This seems to give my argument some weight, as if humans are not allowed here unless accompanied by a spirit! The bear’s cool now, calm and accomodating, he somehow expresses something along the lines of ‘fine, sure, of course, go ahead.’ We the pyramid evacuees go into the hut and there’s a portal just floating in the middle of a bedroom. I fly through the portal, still a crow, and i wake up. Like wow. I don’t usually dream, but when i did they were frequently nightmares, often about wars. Despite the fireballs that one was overall actually quite pleasant 🙂

For the record I do not believe that pyramids were schools, I believe they were tools for changing the subtle energies (chi, pranah, electro-magnetism) of a large area, possibly also generating electricity due to the piezo-electric effect of the rocks and the water that runs beneath them. But I am not a scientist or a geologist. Anyway, those of you wondering if I believe this dream was a past life memory – I do not. It had inconsistencies much like the King James Bible people believe in. But I do think the dream pointed to some synchronous facts in my waking life that are worth a mention.

ps this was not my first ‘synchromystic’ crow experience, in fact I had a few moments with crows in the waking world before this dream. Ek Mau and Pixael may remember discussing my relationship with the crow =, despite me never talking to them about my previous experiences, on a weekend when I was back in London from Bristol. That same weekend I came back to Bristol with a crow stencilled on the back of my jacket. I think the synchronicity surprised Ek more then Pixael at the time. I’m still wondering when synchronicity will stop surprising me, it perhaps should have by now but I still get excited. Perhaps that excitement is part of the energy that allows it to happen? A speculative tangent…

My first crow experience was when I was about 18. I was reading The Tibetan Book of iving and Dying (a modern day reinterpretation of the Tibetan Book of the Dead) and I thought it would be a good idea to meditate on death in the park near my house opposite the graveyard. (My grandmother would be buried in that graveyard.) I was there for I don’t know how long, it was a time-transcending experience where the way the wind was moving the trees made it look like they were breathing in unison. Or were they? Regardless, when I came out of trance and remembered where I was, who I was and what I was I was surrounded by crows and more than likely ravens too. Maybe fifty, maybe a hundred, I couldn’t count but it was alot. I didn’t notice them land. In native American mythology the crow watches between the world of the living and the dead. I have been between worlds, but there appear to be an infinite number of angles that the spirit world can be viewed, via meditation or libation. Crows, rooks, and ravens, I find it hard to tell the difference often but they are all part of the Corvid family. Funnily enough – so is the magpie (I was loosely associated with a squat called The Magpie for a few years…)

I usually do not discuss my synchromystic experiences in public. Yeah, I’ll put it in a poem cos the skeptics will assume it’s a metaphor when it’s actually an experience. One of the tools of shamanism also appears to be secrecy – I personally believe that this is because there is power in belief and if you share things with people who do not believe you then it takes away power. But I am generally sharing my experiences with people I believe trust me and I believe things have changed. It’s all points of view and time is an illusion, but the Age of Aquarius has been described as ‘the age of revealing’ and I feel like sharing and generally do what ‘feels’ right. Or to quote Eric Cartman, “I do what I WAAAAANT”

I have had other crow experiences. And I have had other weird dreams. I’ll just tease you with the idea of the crow with the silver wings and the wet dream of sacred sex in a pyramid and save those for face to face conversations.

I am not saying that the crow is my spirit guide, or that I am a crow spirit, or that I am a reincarnation of a member of the Native American crow tribe, I don’t know anything other than my subjective experience. I try not to believe or disbelieve anything. But these are all ideas that I have thought about. Perhaps other shamanically inclined friends can give me some advice relating to spirit guides and spirit animals. Don’t get me wrong, I am not an expert on spirit animals, or spirit guides, all I know is what has happened to me and what little I have read (and who knows what the authors experienced so it’s all points of view once again.) I would LOVE to know more about native American crow magic (I’m not even sure what that means, but I’ve heard of it!) Please feel free to respond intuitively in a private message if it feels right. The tribes we now call the Celts had some interesting myths regarding Ravens and the sacred King Bran which relates to traditions STILL kept today (the ravens of the Tower of London.) but my memory for myths fails me, poor show for a part-time Hip-Hop Bard of a Druid Order!

Gratitude for your time, and gratitude in advance for your reflections.

Blessed be.
Mon, October 25, 2010

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