Nobody Gives a Damn about Your Conspiracy Facts and Ancient Cities! lol

One of my friends sent me a text informing me of the ruins of an ancient city hidden in Antarctica that is allegedly being covered up by the US Government. I am no longer excited by this sort of news cos it rarely amounts to anything in the long run, or affects my life directly and even if I believe it to be true it rarely hits the mainstream news. (There are still teams excavating a giant pyramid in Bosnia.) 
Weird thing is he’s the one that told me he’s not surprised by conspiracies anymore, but he’d be surprised if anything changes. I felt compelled to remind him of a few other things that happened and few people noticed, knew, or cared. This was my response, thought I’d share it…

“Edgar Cayce predicted there would be a chamber under the Sphinx paw decades before it was discovered. Press conference? Proof of prophecy on a front page? Nothing! American mercenaries seen patrolling area’s just before an alleged ‘terrorist attack’? Loads of photos. No prosecutions. Bomb residue found on dam that collapsed in New Orleans? Lights in the sky over New York. Lights over Mexico all the time. Catholics hiding paedos. Two candidates for an American presidency both admitting on the news that they are members of the Skull and Bones society and refusing to say anymore. A song with a catchy beat but rapey lyrics being number one for weeks. And fracking makes water flammable. I’m supposed to be shocked they’ve found yet another ancient city? Under Antarctica? I’ll be shocked if anyone gives a sh**.”

Thems is verifiable, checkable facts and for the sake of showing off I’ll add references in the comments 

Ranting is fun. 

Solution orientation? Be your own media. Ultimately none of this matters if we spread more negativity trying to convince people that don’t want to be convinced. Spread empowering info to those that suspect the government isn’t trying to help you so they can help themselves and help each other. 

Now even the general public are learning that the BBC will ignore tens of thousands of protestors on their own doorstep (that happened this week) maybe they’ll start listening to alternative sources. But meh, maybe they won’t and maybe I should be less concerned with what other people believe… And stop procrastinating about tidying my room and filling out my forms. But I do love writing more than either of those. Reached that point again – stop thinking 🙂


References (for those that love to argue…)



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