Living the Wandering Pixie Gypsy Life Verse 2! (It’s only been 4 years…)

(Verse 1 was inspired by Green, I wrote the verse originally to accompany the Avalon Roots original version of the song, before Dan and I made a hang version. It was inspired largely by the Rainbow Gatherings in Avebury 2010.
I recently told Daniel J Waples that I want a hand pan (a hang drum or one of it’s derivatives. He challenged me to write a 2nd verse to Wandering Pixie Gypsy before he’d lend me one. Cool. luckily the universe provided me with a 2014 Rainbow Gathering for yet more inspiration…)

Before enlightenment chop wood and fetch water, 
after enlightenment chop wood and fetch water. 
Maybe the wisest man is the holy spring water collector,
what is enlightenment but remembering to remember? 
“Chopping wood, washing dishes, solutions for the daily grind, 
relaxation education in the nature of the mind,”
education in the art of starting a fire, inspire, 
let flames of inspiration rise higher and higher,
from festivals to protest sites, to rainbow gatherings, 
i’ve seen pixies perspire as if they’ll never tire.
They say some hippies just play music, smoke and eat organic goods, 
But some hippies work harder than most, building kitchens in the woods,
making dream catchers, making love and making dreams come true, 
In blue and purple – “blurple”, cuddle puddle fun for you. 
If your boots aren’t muddy, you’re probably not lover or wife, 
cos if your summer ain’t got muddy yet you aint about that life! 



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