rest tests n lessons (working title.)

An intense rapid succession of rest tests n lessons,
Yet excess of blessings to help with the resting.

It is what it is, all open, all intelligence,
All me but no me, all everything, temples to tenements.

Developments as Craig says “exaltation stations”,
I stop seeking meaning to these vibrations beyond inspiration 

for complete relaxation (of body and mind), there’s always time
even during the most intense emotions unwind,

cos even through anger, upset or depression
you are exalted as nature itself (thanks Silvan) as perfection.

and whether you see fear or love, breasts or erections
(or anything else I could mention). Relax and ease tension.

It’ll undoubtedly change your perception.
You’ll see love where you’re looking and know it’s all reflection.

{Gratitude to the BV community for inspiration.

Yeah, as brother Craig says, “exaltation stations.”






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