SATSANGARANG (featuring Craig R Ninjah)


Synchromystics in ya districts, collaborative poem starring Craig R Ninjah and KP Kev the Poet

Kev the Poet:- 
Guess whose back like Jack Baur? Never spit a rhyme that’s wack, now ya
…know why when I chat the crowd go BRRAP louder.
KP… redefining black power.
Aim the mic at ya, get charred to black powder?
Nah, turned into a multicoloured rainbow aura…
Strange though, could have been painful though I’d rather exalt ya,
Used to want ta Sergeant Slaughter body-slam a congressman for every starvin daughter
Figuratively speaking, no, I’m not startin on ya.
KP on a sick beat… is a shark in the water.
I hit the synchro-corner on a 6 speed quickly.
Cut down on sticky icky, used to twist me, now each short moment
resting busy…
…yeah I know ya missed me x

Craig R Ninjah:-
Pun’ a rewind flex like the ninja turtles,
thru no time and pure space we gonna hurtle,
Bustin some Ultimate warrior top rope neon jumping, bass thumping,
every moment relaxing and data crunching,
HYPE THE JAM, allowing the massive vibe to spread all across the lands,
cos we roll deeper than Poseidon, cos we got our eye on,
the treasure island of gold, that we all i and i on,
yes there captain vibes ahoy,
more beautiful than Helen o troy ,
yes ya know evertyime, its bombs of
open intelligence that we deploy,
with nothing to seek and nothin to destroy –
rocking the mic ever steady cos we the real McCoy –
crispier than fresh out the freezer raw chocolate,
better than the one Santa got,
hot off the synchro corner, yes ya know we rock the spot!

KP Kev the Poet:-
yes ya know we rock the spot, dub or hip-hop,
even junglists have been known to put out to the shock,
unintentional double meanings, the universe wanted that rhyme to get written,
resting busy with nothing to do and nowhere to go yet never quittin,
how can my shadow exist if I’m all light?
Even through anger or depression I’m alright,
learning to love my shadow, forgiving my selfishness
Invoking synchronicity, exalting my selflessness,
appreciating the ability to chill through the lessons.
Remembering sometimes the curses are blessings.
Exalting the past but living in the now,
you’d think it’s Game of Thrones the way there’s shifting power,

appreciating the naturally unfolding growing organically, easefully manifesting the magic of being peacefully

Still get anxious sometimes and write poems about it,
still feel like a God sometimes n write raps about it, to scream and shout it,
still got faith, but sometimes I doubt it,
still see with clarity, but sometimes it’s just clouded,
still love to rebel but ironically eventually learned quick
infinity ‘s only a moment away, and each moment confirms it.

Gratitude to Craig for the inspiration and constant outshining.

pimpin synchros blessed


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