Easter, 4/20 and Christ Consciousness (yes, all three.)

Easter – it is what it is. Christ’s return turns to chocolate binge. Data. Religion – source of morals, hope and faith or source of lies, deception and fear? Positive or negative? Just data?

4/20 – it is what it is. The illegality means that most so-called straight people ignore the medicinal benefits or even the recreational benefits, but the recreational benefits mean that stoners ignore the financial detriment and the possible psychological detriment. Positive or negative? Just more data?

The fact that I ask difficult questions generally ostracises me from groups. I grew to love that but that perception of fierce independence just made it appear more difficult for me to integrate into the few groups that are not based on out-dated modes of thinking. That’s fine, that’s just an appearance. A currently slightly annoying one to be honest, but I’m getting better at living with being slightly annoyed. According to at least one prophecy “the time of the Lone Wolf is over”. If my connections to a group don’t grow organically they won’t grow at all. As well they shouldn’t. They are growing.

I don’t have answers, just questions. Sometimes just knowing that other people are asking similar questions is a benefit. Sometimes asking questions just starts arguments. I’m a philosopher, I guess risking an argument is my preference.

I could go further off the reservation. We could go into the ins and outs of raw chocolate vs cooked chocolate in milk and sugar, we could go into raw herb vs smoked herb. We could go into Christ-consciousness, could it be the consciousness that does not judge? I judge, alot more than I like to admit to myself. But that’s okay too, all is well. But could it be the consciousness that does not judge?

Well if Christ-consciousness is a thing it’s probably a thing we should re-name cos anything associated with religion upsets some people and just irritates others. For now I am calling it evolution. Others might call it the Era of Great Benefit.

Whatever, couldn’t leave Easter Sunday’s 4/20 without saying something philosophical about both. Well actually I could, but I didn’t.

“It is what it is and that’s all it is, live with it, if it’s intricate, synchronous, that’s cos your infinite.” (Quote from ‘Let Go / Ein Sof’, by Hang in Balance feat KP )cg jung red book cartea rosie philemon


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