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I like writing things. Terence Mckenna said “create your own media” and the internet allows us to do this. However when we create our own media through coporations we do not own, such as facebook, or even WordPress, we are playing their game by their rules and they can change those rules at any time.

I started writing a paper Newsletter / Zine under an alias just to get things off my chest. I stopped because it wasn’t exalted positivity but cathartic whinging for the most part I can see how it was beneficial for me to get the ideas off my chest but I’m not sure it was entirely beneficial for people to read. It had it’s benefits, it made some people laugh, and it may have satisfied other people just to know that people shared their perceptions. But if those perceptions were not making me happy all I was doing was reinforcing a belief that was not making me happy.

Anyway, I don’t know where to draw the line between self expression and reification, which means making something real out of something that is not real. For example we talk about our emotions as if they’re things that can control us or hurt us. But they are abstract concepts, they can only do what we think they can do. I’m not even sure if they can do that much.

Give me time, this will all make sense eventually 🙂 x


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