your power’s infinite (working title)

He used to fear that they’d all question his ability to represent
Hip-Hop – an over-sensitive man, calls himself a feminist.

Cos mainstream Hip-Hop seems so superficial, masculine and venomous
To women. Laurel and Hardy ain’t seen such revoltin’ developments.

I used to pick up peng from London’s most revolting tenements
Long before my brethren got Bristol bladder from more ketamine than elephants.

I AM Hip-Hop… my memories the evidence.
Before and after the dub poetry I dabbled in all Hip-Hops elements – 

B-Boying, DJing, Beatboxing, Graffiti, and the fifth
MCing, time to be quartz crystal clear and end the mist/mystery

/Terry Gilliam directed this lucid dream, end the myth.
I used to HATE myself for caring what you think a legend is. 

While telling you all to love yourselves, yeah, “KP KeV the hypocrite.’
Hooked on Facebook and YouTube while still saying “televisions shit”, 

Galactic Central? send upgrade labelled ‘remember mission quick.’
They sent one blank sheet of paper… And a pen – a bic. 

There was another envelope they must have sent it with.
Inside it said “Just love yourself, ps it’s you that sent the script.”

And for a moment I remember – Consciousness is infinite, 
If everything’s everything, let’s just live for mutual benefit.

Is that so hard? Even with cracked old hearts?
It seems the evil got power and the good got scarred.

But dualitys a fallacy of faculties that’s limited. 
What if there is no good and evil and your power’s infinite?






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