How to look good naked… hmm…

Reblogging because it shocked me and inspired me. It’s an issue that is rarely spoken about but porn is changing the way we view sex. And porn is an industry dominated by men (and according to some
“truthers” out there dominated by occultists.)
Once again I’m ashamed at my fellow men and amazed by women. (It’s okay guys, I know plenty of sensitive, caring men and I won’t succumb to man-bashing for popularity, but the fact is some of us are prejudiced, sexist and programmed by porn and mainstream media and most don’t even know it.) It’s getting easier to distinguish what the Divine Sacred Masculine actually is now that so many men are clearly expressing what it is not. I’m kind of disgusted and ashamed at humanity, not just men, that have allowed the same values to be (sometimes literally) shoved down our throats. The fact that that ideas propagated by pornography have damaged peoples self esteem to the point of saving thousands of pounds to change their appearance, but it’s not just pornography, mainstream media does the same thing every day directly to little girls through advertising, TV shows, even cartoons. Thank you for this article, some human rights abuses are so subtle that they get us to abuse ourselves. “The Holy of Holies” is the Holy of Holies regardless of how hairy the lips, or how bulbous the labia.
Thanks again to ‘Entente Féminine’ for sharing this story and their views on this.

Entente Féminine in English

Recently a 21 year old woman came to me for a consultation about her menstrual cycle. A typical session ensued, nothing out of the ordinary, until the last 10 minutes when the real reason for this young woman’s visit emerged. It was nothing to do with her cycle and its ups and downs, nothing odd there. It was at the innermost heart of her femininity that everything was upside-down.

Between sobs, this bright young woman spoke of her fear of intimacy, her fear of being judged and rejected. She had lost all confidence in herself, in her ability to be in a relationship, particularly a sexual one because her vulva wasn’t ‘normal’: the inner lips were 2cm longer than the outer lips. She knew this was abnormal from the pornography that she had seen and her judgement was confirmed by the last lover who had seen her naked and had…

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