What IS the point of voting?

What is the point of voting? What happened at the last election? Really?

There were 45,597,461 registered voters on the UK Parliamentary register for 2010 general elections.

There were 29,991,471 ballots returned by the close of poll, including those postal votes which were rejected before the count and those ballots which were rejected at the count. This information is in the ‘Administrative data’ spreadsheet on the Electoral Commission website.

The table below shows the total votes that were cast for each party.

Party Seats 2010         Votes 2010
Con 306                        10,703,654
Lab 258                           8,606,517
LD 57                               6,836,248

What is the point of voting? I am not making a statement, I am asking a question.

Now, if you need any clarification of the point that Russell Brand was making, here’s my own personal reflection based on experience. In the 1990s Tony Blair became leader of the Labour Party. The Labour Party was a left-wing socialist party back then. They had strong links with trade unions and were seen as the party to that looked out for the ‘little guy’. When Tony Blair took over it became ‘New Labour’. We were told by the complicit media that New Labour was ‘centre-left’. History has taught us different. New Labour got busy privatising things, Tony Blair gave praise to Margaret Thatcher, and everybody got sick of Tony Blair. Who last I heard since he left office Tony Blair was getting paid 1.2 million a year as a consultant for JP Morgan. Politicians should perhaps not be allowed to work for international banks after they leave office, he may have been asked to do things in office for his 1.2 million a year that he got when he left.

So the choices we were left with was the right-wing Conservative Party or… the right-wing Labour Party. Much point voting? Well there was still the Liberal Democrats, but the Lib Dems have now had their head so far up David Cameron’s… you get my point, the Lib Dems are pretty much the Conservative Party now.

So, what is the point of voting?

45 million registered voters. 29 million ballots returned.
So next time, really, will it make more sense to no vote at all? Or will it make more sense to spoil your ballot to make a point? Tick ‘none of the above’ as in the movie ‘Brewsters Millions’? Or vote for the Green Party and pray they know as much about budgets, education and fixing roads as they do about endangered species?

Got any answers?


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2 thoughts on “What IS the point of voting?

  1. I completely see your point, however as mentioned in my brief and very limited facebook post, in the current system if the people who want positive change don’t vote it allows the other party an edge, even UKIP and the BNP (plus of course for all the privatisation manoeuvres Labour would still not go the the extent of the Tories and also not cut anything like as drastically). Which of course perpetuates the system which I guess is why we are in the situation we are in now. We will have to see if we can have a mass non-voting movement which will produce positive policy / party changes! x

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