Divine Masculine meets Divine Feminine (PART 1)

Deepak Chopra said “Life is the harmonious interaction
of the masculine and feminine.” Harmony, no splinter faction.
There is the Divine Feminine within All,Both men and women.
Whether hemisphere’s of the brain, or of the spirit, we’re all human.
It’s time to transform our world into harmony and Sacred Union.
Whether holding back with tantric or in frantic communion.Whether father sun meets …mother nature, or is met by mother Earth.
Know the sun loves you and Earth loves you and the sun since birth.

Time to awaken divine masculine archetypes, goin in hard with mics,
Osiris, wearing marks of Christ. Merlin and King Arthur, in dark nights.

King Arthur rides on these fools with the hardest knights,

searching for the holy grail, Like the Last Crusade, rocking chain-mail….But ask the moon what…
were they searching for if the Holy Grail is a moon cup?Was the masculine castrated by feminism, not the way the west is livin,
But wise women were repressed by witch burning. that’s a given.Now it’s time to find balance and harmony. (Yin to the yang y’all)
While the voice of divine feminine’s calming me… (King in a Kangol.)

love is great zdbAldT
(artwork by Android Jones, available from http://www.androidjones-obtain.com

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