5 Keys to get in the Genius Zone when there’s boring stuff to do

This helped me alot, so I’m sharing it in the hope that it’ll help other people.

The Handmade Life

newspaper shoes

When was the last time you got fully into your flow?

You know those moments, flashes, or even whole projects when you are just COOOKING ON GAS and doing exactly what you were put on this earth to do.

mmm MMM!

Yet, how many times have you resisted letting yourself into that genius space in the first place….. for fear that you’ll never come back.

A little too much fun today and tomorrow you’ll have run off with the gypsies tomorrow. You know.

That kind of fear can lead to a diet of too much “practical”, “sensible” and “responsible”.

To shutting down, drying up, losing track, and everything turning grey…. all symptoms of miserly time hanging out with the muse.

Eventually, you get sick of it all.

You escape to the studio/the woods/your notebook for a long deep drink, a night of passion with your creative lover…

Then sooner or…

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