MEDIA HYPE – a poem – Don’t Hate the Media, Replace The Media – a point of view

MEDIA HYPE ‘Don’t Hate the Media, Replace The Media – a point of view’

I am taking commissions. Cash and/or trade. I was requested to write a piece about the mainstream media inspired by the Leveson Inquiry which resulted in one of my new favourites…

‘Don’t Hate the Media, Replace The Media – a point of view’

Let’s investigate the culture, practices and ethics of the press

it makes Some people vegetate, 

regurgitates prejudice and dogma between page 3 breasts, but mate,

Tends to denegrate the people yet Defend the state. 

Let’s investigate the culture, practices and ethics of the press

Like the Leveson Inquiry… and more likely activists who inspired me.

One editor and one journalist for the News of the World

Convicted of hacking voicemails, it made the news round the world

 The mainstream media appears to me to be an unethical amoral

tool for control, it’s not your friend – I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again.

 “Masses misled by mainstream media

Owned by select few, they’ve been deceiving ya!”

Doesn’t even matter to this rapper slash poet slash

…Entrepreneur – you don’t have to be a corporate capitalist for manifesting cash.

The mainstream didn’t tell ya about Icelands peaceful

Economic revolution for the people

 Or Bolivia writing rights for Mother Earth and nature

Good news doesn’t sell so they’d rather you think your neighbours hate ya.

They didn’t give accurate figures for any protest I witnessed or heard

From direct eyewitnesses who observed. That’s my word.

 Quote KRS-One – “use your real eyes

To realise… These real lies” – wisdom.

 …And never trust a ‘Tell-Lie-Vision’….

But the indigo generation has third eyes open, 

We hear the newscasters but think “you must be jokin’!”

But Indigo is just another point of view

Just another story, but what’s the point to you?

Can we trust Russia Today, Prison Planet, Mr Alistair Jaze3ra?

Who will tell the truth and bring the news nearer or clearer? 

Alex Jones, Max Keiser,David Wilcock? Is Jeremy Paxman host with the most?

David Icke? Henrik from Redice? Or George Noory coast to coast? 

What’s disinformation? What’s selling fear for wealth? 

You never know so just follow your heart and just trust in yourself x


Or simply… The mainstream media appears to be Babylons mouthpiece from which politicians spout lies and entertainment reinforces stereotypes and I’m disappointed in humanity in general for still naively believing that newspapers will tell you the truth and that television isn’t manipulated by corporate interests. However more and more people appear to be waking up. “Do not hate the media. Become the media.” I dont know where I first read it but I think it’s good advice. Why focus on the problem when you can become the solution? 


If you’ve read this far I will consider myself “successful media” for what I perceive to be ‘Positive Propaganda’. 


“Be the change you want to see”, Mahatma Gandhi.


xxx xxxxx xxxxxxxx


(might edit out or alter the lines about the alleged Indigo Generation and send it again but this is a version for now at least. Let me know what you think.)

Ps I am taking commissions. Cash and/or trade   x





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